Our Services

Chalk Productions is happy to offer a broad package of services for our clients. I love to take a song from initial recording to the finished product, always striving to capture and explore the artist's vision for a project.

I offer standard rates for my clients' convenience, but each project is unique and my pricing will always reflect that. Discounts are offered when bundling services and for frequent clients.


The act and art of setting up microphones (and other equipment - diffusers, preamps, etc.) to properly capture the intent of the song in a professional environment. Providing headphone mixes and other artist necessities.


Timing/Rhythm and Pitch-Correction as needed for the song. Then proper comping (compiling - making a cohesive individual take from many takes) of various takes from the session before moving onto mixing.


Professional individual treatment of each track in a session ranging from simple compression to effects sends as needed for the artist’s vision. Manipulation of the layers of a song to form a greater whole.


The art of bringing the mix up to industry standard volume as well as transient shaping and other overall edits to the track.

Other Services

Chalk Productions offers a wide variety of other services. We’d love to help you with anything you need, and if we can’t we know a guy.

Single Release

per session

  • Studio Quality Single
  • Recorded in a professional studio environment
  • Full Mix and Master
  • Usually completed in one session

Full Album


  • Full professional Recording, Edit, Mix, and Master
  • Typically about 4 sessions
  • 44minutes of music

Hip-Hop Single

per song

  • Hip-Hop Single
  • Full professional vocal tracking and layering
  • Typically ready for release within 48 hours of tracking.
  • Optional beat creation for a small additional fee

Day Rate

per day (12 hour shift)

  • Mixing and Mastering Included
  • Professional Studio Time
  • Flexibility to work on anything at all in the studio

Chalk Productions is happy to offer any additional services you may need, I am just an email away. If I don't know how to help you, I'm sure I know someone who does.