About Us

I have always had a fascination with sound, even as a kid. I remember blowing air into empty glass bottles and enjoying the resonance. That fascination shifted into a personal endeavour when I was 13. I picked up guitar, and a decade later I still love music. After playing guitar and feeling like music started to feel the same, I started finding interest in more niche genres of experimental music: shoegaze, ambient-music, noise-rock, etc. This developed a deeprooted appreciation for music of all kinds.

My fascination with the production techniques used on records like Talking Heads' "Remain in Light" (masterfully done by Brian Eno) and My Bloody Valentine's masterpiece "Loveless" lead me to studying Audio-Engineering and Music-Production at The Recording Conservatory of Austin. My time at TRCOA taught me everything I know in the recording realm.

I always seek to try new things, my focus as a producer is to seek to maintain and expand your vision as an artist, songwriter, and performer. I don't try to follow the same workflow for every session, because each artist is different.